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My Little Chickadee Trailer

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My Little Chickadee was a western parody released by Universal Studios. You can see in this trailer that W.C. Fields and Mae West had reversed using their famous lines. Fields told West to “come up and see him some time” and West called Fields her “little chickadee”, also the name of the movie. This was the one and only time that W.C. Fields and Mae West stared together in a movie.

Both West and Fields were accustomed to writing their own scripts. Both provided a screen play the studio. There are reports that Mae had wrote and the screenplay and Fields contributed just one scene, the bar scene. Either way, the studio combined the two into their version which both actors hated. In an effort to not show favoritism, the studio gave both them both equal billing which infuriated West. This combined with Fields receiving praise for his role and West receiving negative critiques she vowed never to work with Fields again.

Mae West knew that WC's fondness of the bottle wasn't just a stage act. She made sure that it was in her contract that whenever he drank she could refuse to work until he was sober.

My Little Chickadee was Field's largest grossing movie for Universal and it was the last successful movie of her career as her last three movie releases were box office failures. My Little Chickadee made $2 million in gross receipts.

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