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Search Results: "1966"

  • Popular Petula Clark- Sign Of The Times

    Petula Clark- Sign Of The Times

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    Sign Of The Times was performed by Petula Clark off her My Love album released in March of 1966. The song had much more percussions than in any of her other releases but she just said it was a "straight-ahead love song" with no hidden meanings like many s

  • Popular Suzy Homemaker Sweet Shop

    Suzy Homemaker Sweet Shop

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    Suzy Homemaker toys were introduced in 1966 by Topper Toys. The name quickly became common phrase in America and is still used today. The Suzy Homemaker doll became the second most popular doll sold in the United States behind the Barbie Doll. The Easy Ba

  • Popular 1960s GoGo Kodak Instamatic Commercial

    1960s GoGo Kodak Instamatic Commercial

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    Photography was always a challenge, until cellphones. Here Kodak appeals to the Go-Go generation in this 1966. The Instamatic featured pop in cartridge film and flash cubes, man!

  • Popular The Dodge Boys- Dodge Charger

    The Dodge Boys- Dodge Charger

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    Popular actress at the time Pamela Austin stars in thiscommercialfor the Dodge Boys 1966 fastback Dodge Charger.