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Search Results: "ABC TV"

  • Popular Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley Duet

    Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley Duet

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    Two icons from two generations. Elvis sings Frank Sinatra's Witchcraft and Frank Sinatra sings Elvis' Love Me Tender. This was a Welcome Home Elvis show by Timex in 1960 to welcome Elvis home from the Army. It aired on May 12, 1960 on ABC TV.

  • Popular ABC's 40th Anniversary

    ABC's 40th Anniversary

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    In 1992 ABC TV began celebrating their 40th year of broadcasting history with advertisements like this one patting themselves on the back.

  • Popular ABC You'll Love It !

    ABC You'll Love It !

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    ABC's campaign "You'll Love It" ran in 1985 and was based on the song I Love LA by Randy Newman.

  • Popular Tuesday On ABC 1983

    Tuesday On ABC 1983

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  • Popular Room 222 TV Intro

    Room 222 TV Intro

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    Room 222 was an comedy drama that aired on ABC from September 17, 1969 thru January 11, 1974. The show won three Emmy Awards. Sadly the only main character that has passed at this writing was actor Lloyd Haynes who played the role of Mr. Pete Dixon. He wa

  • Popular Dinosaurs TV Show Not The Momma!

    Dinosaurs TV Show Not The Momma!

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  • Popular Greatest American Hero TV Intro

    Greatest American Hero TV Intro

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    Ralph Hinkley is aLos Angelespublic schoolteacher hates wearing the red costume that gives him superhuman abilities. There is one problem, Ralph lost the instruction manual and has to learn the abilities often times by accident.

  • Popular F Troop Season 2 Opening

    F Troop Season 2 Opening

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    A politically incorrect TV show in the 60's is even more so today about US soldiers and American Indians in the wild west. It ran from September 14, 1965 to April 6, 1967. The first season was 34 episodes in black and white and 31 episodes in color in the