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Welcome! is an online community focused on sharing and reminiscing about pop-culture video, audio, and images that stir our memories of the past - old television, theme songs, commercials, print advertisements, and more. We've got the sights and sounds you remember from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond... Come join our friendly community and start sharing your memories! If you are a Baby Boomer or Gen Xer, you will find this to be the site for memories! This site is rated G (maybe PG on some posts) you can always feel comfortable sharing this site to your mother, kids or grandkids!

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Videos from Steve

  • The A-Team Intro

    The A-Team Intro

    by Steve Added 28 Views / Likes

    The A-Team was an action-adventure series that ran on NBC from 1983 to 1987. It starred George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Dwight Schultz and Mr. TThey played fictitious members of the US Army Special Forces unit. You can purchase the entire set on BluRay and

  • Things Go Better With Coca Cola

    Things Go Better With Coca Cola

    by Steve Added 15 Views / Likes

    In 1964 Coca-Cola tapped the Limelighters for their rendition of Things Go Better With Coca Cola. The Limelighters were a popular folk music group that signed with RCA Victor but never had any chart success. The comic/character actor playing the tall, thi

  • McDonald's You Deserve a Break Today 1971

    McDonald's You Deserve a Break Today 1971

    by Steve Added 52 Views / Likes

    In its heyday, McDonald's hired jingle writer Barry Manilow to write the theme song.

  • Old Spice Man

    Old Spice Man

    by Steve Added 21 Views / Likes

    Ladies, did Old Spice really make you flock to men?

  • Jonathan Winters As Maude For Hefty Trash Bags

    Jonathan Winters As Maude For Hefty Trash Bags

    by Steve Added 30 Views / Likes

    Jonathan Winters became the spokesman for Mobil using his role as Maude Frickert, and elderly woman. He also was an upscale garbage man know for collecting "gahr-bahj" instead of garbage. Rent or buy laughs from Jonathan Winters here!

  • Ajax White Knight

    Ajax White Knight

    by Steve Added 16 Views / Likes

    Ajax was introduced in the early 60's as part of the Colgate-Palmolive cleaning soap line. The White Knight was to compete with Procter and Gamble's Mr. Clean.

  • Please Dont Squeeze The Charmin

    Please Dont Squeeze The Charmin

    by Steve Added 26 Views / Likes

    Mr. Whipple, played by character actor *** Wilson starred as the supermarket manager in over 500 commercials for Charmin toilet paper from 1964 to 1985. The first commercials were ironically recorded in Flushing New York. He only had to work two weeks a y

  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer

    by Steve Added 11 Views / Likes

    Another anime/cartoon from Japan that ran from 1967 to 1968 about racing. The main characters were Speed, Chim-Chim, Pops, Mom, Spritle, and Trixie . Speed drove the Mach 5.

  • John Goodman McDonald's Commercial

    John Goodman McDonald's Commercial

    by Steve Added 24 Views / Likes

    n 1983, before John Goodman was Dan Conner on Roseanne he signed with the William Morris Agency to produce a McDonald's commercial. I guess it is better to have your first acting job at McDonald's than your first job there!

  • Luke and Laura's Wedding

    Luke and Laura's Wedding

    by Steve Added 68 Views / Likes

    In 1978 General Hospital was close to cancellation ABC hired Gloria Monty as the new executive producer a to attract a younger audience. A drunken Luke Spencer raped Laura Spencer who then falls in love with him. Critics complained of the forced seduction

  • California Raisins Commercial 1986

    California Raisins Commercial 1986

    by Steve Added 30 Views / Likes

    A claymation commercial made for the California Raisin Advisory Board in 1986 to the 1968 hit by Marvin Gaye I Heard It Through The Grapvine. The commercials became wildly successful and spun off many TV specials like Meet The Raisins in 1986. They eventu

  • Chasity Bono- Could Have Been Love

    Chasity Bono- Could Have Been Love

    by Steve Added 17 Views / Likes

    Then Chasity Bono had a short musical career in 1988 with the band Ceremony. The released only one album titled Hang Out Your Poetry.

  • Miss Peggy Guy on The Gong Show

    Miss Peggy Guy on The Gong Show

    by Steve Added 685 Views / Likes

    In 1976 Miss Peggy Guy made her appearance on the Gong Show. She successfully walked out on stage with a metal folding chair in tow. She lifted her leg on the chair sideways in an attempt to be sultry and began to sing to Come On Get Happy when her top de

  • Levis Laughing Song

    Levis Laughing Song

    by Steve Added 674 Views / Likes

    The 1972 Levi commercial Good Morning World or Laughing Levi's commercial jingles is one of those songs that will get stuck in your head for sure! The jingle is based on The Fendermen's 1960 hit Mule Skinner Blues which can be heard here: https://www.yout

  • Laugh In's One Ringy Dingy

    Laugh In's One Ringy Dingy

    by Steve Added 957 Views / Likes

    Lily Tomilin was Laugh In's beloved operator Ernistine who would call out One Ringy Dingy, Two Ringy Dingy and “Is this the party to whom I am speaking”. As the operator she treated the customers with little sympathy and was condescending to whom she was

  • The Avengers Intro 1965

    The Avengers Intro 1965

    by Steve Added 593 Views / Likes

    The Avengers was a British espionage series that first aired on ABC American Broadcasting Network but produced by the Associated British Corporation ABC, also known as Thames Television after the two merged in 1968. The Avengers was the first British tele

  • Night Gallery

    Night Gallery

    by Steve Added 1,319 Views / Likes

    For those old enough to remember, Night Gallery was created and hosted by the great god of imagination Rod Serling, as a follow-up to The Twilight Zone. The opening was set in a shadowy museum, where Serling unveiled a dark and disturbing collection of ca

  • Archie Bunker Alone

    Archie Bunker Alone

    by Steve Added 630 Views / Likes

    Archie Bunker's Place was a reasonably successful continuation of All In The Family. Jean Stapleton, who played Archie's wife (Edith), appeared in six episodes before deciding to leave the show. The show's writers dealt with her departure by making Archie

  • The Jackie Gleason Show

    The Jackie Gleason Show

    by Steve Added 1,387 Views / Likes

    This clip made me laugh. Watch for when Crazy Guggenheim and Joe discuss the movie The Hustler. I love it when Crazy says he remembers the guy who played Minnesota Fats used to be on the Art Carney show. lol Funny stuff. The Jackie Gleason show is a seri

  • Johnny Carson Roget's Thesaurus Editor Eulogy

    Johnny Carson Roget's Thesaurus Editor Eulogy

    by Steve Added 762 Views / Likes

    A classic and funny bit of comedy from Johnny Carson: He eulogizes a thesaurus editor in a most appropriate way. A editor from Roget's Thesaurus gives a eulogy for another editor using synonyms in a comedic way. It is funny, hilarious, humorous , enjoyabl

  • Dear Alex and Annie

    Dear Alex and Annie

    by Steve Added 2,052 Views / Likes

    Teenagers Alex and Annie answer real-life kid problems submitted via viewer mail through song and dance. Originally posted on by Chrissiek on July 29, 2009

  • 1969 Bubba Smith Stopping Joe Namath

    1969 Bubba Smith Stopping Joe Namath

    by Steve Added 708 Views / Likes

    Before his acting days in the Miller Light commercials or playing Moses Hightower in the Police Academy movies Bubba Smith discussed with NBC how he and the Baltimore Colts planned on stopping Joe Namath and the New York Jets in the 1969 Super Bowl.Bubba

  • 1955 Nash Rambler

    1955 Nash Rambler

    by Steve Added 444 Views / Likes

    The Nash Rambler was produced by the Nash Motors, a division of Nash-Kelvinator who then merged with the Hudson Car Company in 1954. The Nash Ramber was then produced by American Motors Company in 1955. The Rambler was America's first modern compact car.

  • Seinfeld- Trifecta-Food, Sex & TV

    Seinfeld- Trifecta-Food, Sex & TV

    by Steve Added 2,022 Views / Likes

    In the last season of Seinfeld, "The Blood" episode aired October 16, 1997. George Costanza played by Jason Alexander decides to add food to his sex life when his girlfriend lights a vanilla candle making him instantly hungry. It later creates problems as

  • Porkys


    by Steve Added 490 Views / Likes

    Warning: PG to R Rating Originally uploaded to by member donmac101 on April 8, 2009. Porky's is a comedy sex movie written and directed by Bob Clark about the escapades of teens in a high school in Florida. Porky's was produced by Cana

  • SNLs Coffee Talk

    SNLs Coffee Talk

    by Steve Added 1,611 Views / Likes

    Linda Richman's (Mike Myers) hero was Barbra Streisand. She constantly "dedicated" the show to her, often claiming her to be the greatest actress in all of history. In what could be considered to be the sketch's most memorable moment, Myers was joined by

  • Carol Burnette and Charo

    Carol Burnette and Charo

    by Steve Added 3,071 Views / Likes

    Unisex Salon was the name of this skit in Season 7 Episode 2 of the Carol Burnett Show. Tim Conway attempts to get a home life interview with Chiquita who was played by Charo. The fun begins when he has trouble with her mother played by Carol Burnett. Th

  • John Cappelletti Heisman Speech 1973

    John Cappelletti Heisman Speech 1973

    by Steve Added 2,741 Views / Likes

    When Penn State's John Cappelletti won the Heisman Trophy in 1973 as the country's most outstanding collegiate football player, he dedicated the award to his dying little brother Joey. Not a dry eye in the house...

  • Michael Landon Final Tonight Show Appearance

    Michael Landon Final Tonight Show Appearance

    by Steve Added 6,790 Views / Likes

    In April 1991, TV icon Michael Landon was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. A month later, on May 9, 1991, Landon was in high spirits when he made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show. He died seven weeks later at the age of 54. I apologize f

  • Chesterfield 101 A Silly Milimeter Longer

    Chesterfield 101 A Silly Milimeter Longer

    by Steve Added 2,597 Views / Likes

    In 1967 the rage in cigarettes was to make them longer. Chesterfield was one of the biggest brands at the time and they countered with the "Silly Millimeter Longer" as the brand and catch phrase. Chesterfield is named for Chesterfield County Virginia wher

  • Kennedy Podium Fire

    Kennedy Podium Fire

    by Steve Added 1,171 Views / Likes

    Eight inches of snow had fallen the morning of President John F. Kennedy's Inaugural in 1961. By inauguration time the skies had cleared but the temperatures were only in the twenties (Fahrenheit). The first speaker was Cardinal Richard Cushing of Boston.

  • Mott's Clamato

    Mott's Clamato

    by Steve Added 356 Views / Likes

    Introduced as a drink in 1966 by Mott's or Lord Mott's Canning as known then. It was a combination of clam broth and tomatoes. They even secured a trademark for the Clamato brand.Today the drink is used as a mix for alcoholic drinks or cocktails mainly in

  • Meco-Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

    Meco-Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

    by Steve Added 309 Views / Likes

    Meco's theme from Close Encounters was track 5 of side two of the album Close Encounters Of Every Kind in 1978. Meco's real name is Domenico Monardo. He became famous for disco-izing movie soundtracks starting with Star Wars in 1977.

  • Jackie Gleason As Joe The Bartender

    Jackie Gleason As Joe The Bartender

    by Steve Added 1,629 Views / Likes

    Joe The Bartender was one of many characters by Jackie Gleason. He used it to real life friends from Brooklyn. The skits usually opened with Joe The Bartender talking to his unseen customer Mr. Dennehy. This video has a visit from Crazy Guggenheim played

  • Hee Haw--Hey Grandpa What's For Supper?

    Hee Haw--Hey Grandpa What's For Supper?

    by Steve Added 925 Views / Likes

    Hee Haw was introduced in 1969 and ran until the late 1980's. Grandpa Jones was Louis Marshall Jones who was an old time country and gospel singer as well as a banjo player. Grandpa Jones was inducted into the County Music Hall Of Fame in 1978. He passed

  • The Super Bowl Shuffle

    The Super Bowl Shuffle

    by Steve Added 312 Views / Likes

    The Super Bowl Shuffle is a rap song performed by the Chicago Bears. The song was released a month before Super Bowl XX and actually made it as high as #41 on the Billboard hot 100 and sold over a half a million copies. This made the Chicago Bears is the

  • Suzy Homemaker Sweet Shop

    Suzy Homemaker Sweet Shop

    by Steve Added 476 Views / Likes

    Suzy Homemaker toys were introduced in 1966 by Topper Toys. The name quickly became common phrase in America and is still used today. The Suzy Homemaker doll became the second most popular doll sold in the United States behind the Barbie Doll. The Easy Ba

  • Forever Autumn - Justin Hayward

    Forever Autumn - Justin Hayward

    by Steve Added 273 Views / Likes

    Many remember this song from the musical War Of The Worlds written by Jeff Wayne. The original melody was actually written for the Lego company in 1969. Justin Hayward was selected because Jeff Wayne wanted the voice that sang Knights In White Satin.

  • 1969 Lincoln Mercury Cougar

    1969 Lincoln Mercury Cougar

    by Steve Added 643 Views / Likes

    The Mercury Cougar introduced in 1967 was Mercury's pony or muscle car built off the Ford Mustang. For many years Mercury was identified as "at the sign of the cat" as seen in this commercial.

  • Froot Loops Bird Bot Commercial

    Froot Loops Bird Bot Commercial

    by Steve Added 920 Views / Likes

    Fruit Loops were introduced in 1962 and originally there werethere werered,orange, andyellowloops, the color of Toucan Sam's nose. There is no fruit in Froot Loops and the cereal is just one flavor, not a combination of the individual fruit flavors as man

  • ABC's 40th Anniversary

    ABC's 40th Anniversary

    by Steve Added 403 Views / Likes

    In 1992 ABC TV began celebrating their 40th year of broadcasting history with advertisements like this one patting themselves on the back.

  • 1960s GoGo Kodak Instamatic Commercial

    1960s GoGo Kodak Instamatic Commercial

    by Steve Added 798 Views / Likes

    Photography was always a challenge, until cellphones. Here Kodak appeals to the Go-Go generation in this 1966. The Instamatic featured pop in cartridge film and flash cubes, man!

  • ABC You'll Love It !

    ABC You'll Love It !

    by Steve Added 443 Views / Likes

    ABC's campaign "You'll Love It" ran in 1985 and was based on the song I Love LA by Randy Newman.

  • Bewitched Opening Credits

    Bewitched Opening Credits

    by Steve Added 882 Views / Likes

    Bewitched was the longest running supernatural themed sitcom that ran from 1964 to 1972.

  • Action Play Sets by Marx

    Action Play Sets by Marx

    by Steve Added 730 Views / Likes

    Play set carry all's were very popular toys produced by Marx during the 50's, 60's and 70's. They were sold as sets without "accessories sold separately". The play sets provided hours of fun through a child's imagination.

  • Virginia Slims Commercial

    Virginia Slims Commercial

    by Steve Added 1,181 Views / Likes

    Virginia Slims were introduced in 1968 marketed to young women with the slogan You've Come A Long Way Baby. The cigarette much narrower and longer "tailored for the woman's hand" according to the commercial.

  • The Dodge Boys- Dodge Charger

    The Dodge Boys- Dodge Charger

    by Steve Added 1,007 Views / Likes

    Popular actress at the time Pamela Austin stars in thiscommercialfor the Dodge Boys 1966 fastback Dodge Charger.

  • Madonna Pepsi Commercial

    Madonna Pepsi Commercial

    by Steve Added 864 Views / Likes

    Released forMarch 3,1989 for her Like A Prayer album, Pepsi-Cola signed Madonna to a $5 million deal to use it as acommercial and sponsor her world tour. There was just one problem, Madonna refused to sing or dance for the video so the portrayed her revis

  • Amos and Andy TV Show

    Amos and Andy TV Show

    by Steve Added 915 Views / Likes

    Amos and Andy was a radio show from 1928 until 1960. The television series ran on CBS from 1951 to 1953 and lived on in reruns from 1954 to 1966. Amos 'n Andywas the first U.S. television program with an all-black cast. Buy or rent episodes of Amos and A

  • Miniature Golf Comes To America

    Miniature Golf Comes To America

    by Steve Added 409 Views / Likes

    In 1928 there were just 2 miniature golf courses but by 1930 there were over 25,000. Rooftops in the cities were converted to miniature golf course. Over two million people were playing the game every day during the craze.

  • When E.F. Hutton Speaks TV Commercial

    When E.F. Hutton Speaks TV Commercial

    by Steve Added 1,199 Views / Likes

    The stock firm E.F. Hutton formed in 1904 gained fame during the late 70's and early 80's with the commercial campaign "When E.F. Hutton Speaks People Listen". The brokerage firm then was bought out by Smith Barney Corporate Trust, and Citigroup. In 2012

  • Ray Waltson for AT&T

    Ray Waltson for AT&T

    by Steve Added 585 Views / Likes

    This was about the only commercial I remember him doing. An AT&T commercial about 30 years after his fame on My Favorite Martian.

  • Al Gore Invents The Internet

    Al Gore Invents The Internet

    by Steve Added 596 Views / Likes

    ABC News Cokie Roberts has trouble with Presidential Candidate's claim that he invented the internet with a Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

  • Meco--Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Meco--Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    by Steve Added 452 Views / Likes

    Meco DomenicoMonardowas born inJohnsonburg,Pennsylvania November 29, 1939 and loved building model ships and loved sciencefiction. A studio musician, he played trombone forTommy James,Diana Ross. He turned to the dark side of disco in 1974 when he helped

  • Tuesday On ABC 1983

    Tuesday On ABC 1983

    by Steve Added 435 Views / Likes

  • 3 Stooges Last Appearance and TV Fail

    3 Stooges Last Appearance and TV Fail

    by Steve Added 654 Views / Likes

    This was the 3 Stooges last public appearance in 1970. Their first and last TV show attempts end in failure. Rent it or own it here! <a href="

  • Jane Russell 1981 Playtex Bra Commercial

    Jane Russell 1981 Playtex Bra Commercial

    by Steve Added 849 Views / Likes

    JaneRussell's measurements were 38D-24-36, and she stood 5feet 7 inches. She was a good spokesperson for the full figure gal!

  • Jason Alexander in a McDonalds Commercial

    Jason Alexander in a McDonalds Commercial

    by Steve Added 1,087 Views / Likes

    Before he was George Costanza he peddled the failed McDLT's for McDonalds. He even had hair in this commercial! The beef stays hot, the lettuce and tomato stays cool.

  • 1957 Dodge Advertisement Featuring Lawrence Welk

    1957 Dodge Advertisement Featuring Lawrence Welk

    by Steve Added 536 Views / Likes

    Most early TV shows were sponsored by one main advertiser like Dodge did for Lawrence Welk for his champagne music from Hollywood.

  • An Evening With Fred Astaire In Color

    An Evening With Fred Astaire In Color

    by Steve Added 697 Views / Likes

    A rare color television broadcast in 1958 with Fred Astaire in a variety show produced by they Chrysler Corporation as seen on KARD-TV 3 in Witchita Kansas .

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