Jeep Mail Trucks

The Jeep, after proving itself as a reliable, go anywhere vehicle during World War II, the United States Postal Service used the Jeep CJ-3A two wheel drive Jeep Dispatcher from 1955 through 1964 and the DJ5 model which had a 4 wheel drive option. The last Jeep used was a Jeep Cherokee 4×4 in 2001.

Many of us remember the iconic red, white, and blue paint scheme for the carrier trucks and mailboxes. I remember someone saying the truck went from being primarily white and the mailboxes going to all blue as a cost saving measure since they only have to stock one color to paint them. However, I have not been able to confirm this at this writing. It was probably something I heard on the news.

The post office then switched to the Grumman LLV (Long Life Vehicles) trucks, these are the truck we see on the road at this writing (2021). It’s the same Northrop Grumman Corporation that manufactured the F-14 and F-18 fighter aircraft. These vehicles are coming to an end of their life cycle. There are many companies vying to replace the Grumman’s, many companies from overseas. Hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles are being considered. My mail carrier just started driving a white Dodge Ram van with a USPS sticker on the front doors.

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