Levis Laughing Song

The 1972 Levi commercial Good Morning World or Laughing Levi’s commercial jingles is one of those songs that will get stuck in your head for sure! The jingle is based on The Fendermen’s 1960 hit Mule Skinner Blues which can be heard here:

The Levi commercial, with some yodeling goes:

“Good morning world, I’m ready for you, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, wearing my Levi’s, Le-he-he-he-he-vi’s. Le-he-he-he-vi’s, Haw-Haw, Le-he-he-he-he-vi’s “

The stop action video shows a young teen boy in a variety of colored jeans and shirts from Levi’s, from traditional blue to brown and red. The quality of the video, the best that is available online has been color corrected from the faded film stock.

There isn’t much information on the jingle or the commercial itself. One source says the jingle and commercial was produced by Mike Koelker from the Mad Man advertising team of Foote, Cone & Belding of San Francisco.

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