The Fast Talking Guy FedEx Commercial

John “Motormouth” Moschitta Jr., also known as “The Fast Talking Guy became most popular from the FedEx commercials starting in 1981 which lead to six Cleo awards. Cleo’s celebrate the excellence in advertising. Since then he appeared in over 100 commercials, this FedEx is probably his most remembered ad. Moschitta first appeared in the ABC TV series That’s Incredible. He has been credited in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Faster Talker at 586 words per minute.

John has been on many television shows from Sesame Street, Garfield and Friends, Pinky and the Brain , announcer on Hollywood Squares (2003-2004) and as himself in Family Guy as the FedEx voice guy in the Fox-y-Lady episode in 2009. He is credited in movies like Young Doctors In Love, Starchaser, Transformer Movie and the radio announcer in Dick Tracy.

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