Dixie Riddle Cups

Question: If an athlete gets athletes foot, what do astronauts get?

Answer: Missile Toe!

This was one of the many jokes feature on the Dixie Riddle Cups introduced in 1970. From a family of seven there wasn’t a lot of extra money for “luxuries” like disposable cups but it was one our family enjoyed. Growing up in the 70’s a come back line if you told a joke like this was “What? Did you read that on a Dixie Riddle Cup?

The Riddle Cups became popular, the cups were brightly colored and had a series of jokes that sadly repeated in the box of cups, usually containing one hundred cups. Dixie then introduced a full line of Riddle Plates and Riddle Bowls. Paper dishes were too much of a luxury for our family so I don’t recall these nor the Knock Knock Riddle Cups. By 1978 the novelty wore off and Dixie discontinued printing them.

In 1997 Dixie revitalized the cups with a contest for kids to submit their own jokes. If selected they would be printed on the cups with the child’s name, hometown and they would win a $1,000 savings bond. Dixie capitalized on this even more by having America’s favorite “Riddler,” actor Frank Gorshin who played the Riddler in the 1960’s TV show Batman.

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  1. The Riddle Cups were famous because they were brilliantly coloured and had a succession of jokes that unfortunately repeated themselves in the box of cups, which typically contained one hundred cups. Dixie followed up with a whole range of Riddle Plates and Riddle Bowls.

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