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Some of you may be wondering how you got re-directed to here from The site was launched back in 2007 when there were no internet video standards. MP4’s were rare which is now the standard for mobile devices. We had over 30,000 videos that would need to be converted and reposted. The task was tremendous. The software that ran the site was ancient and needed to an upgrade that would require a lot of work. was not my first choice of names for the website but everyone was internet name harvesting, that is buying up all sorts of names in hopes that someone would pay big bucks for it. Then, I discovered that was available and I purchased it. It was actually easier to start up a new site with new software and mp4 videos.

So welcome to the new site and I hope you enjoy it!!

Author: Steve

4 thoughts on “ Is Now The !!

  1. Hi Steve

    You might remember me from my postings on YRT. Greatly enjoyed that site but dropped off after a while since we got fewer and fewer comments and videos. Glad to see that everything has been updated. Am looking forward to joining you here.

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