Ever Eat A Pine Tree? Euell Gibbons Remembered

If you grew up in the 70’s you have to remember ole Euell Gibbons on the Grape Nuts cereal commercials for General Foods. Although you can’t locate the pine tree commercial on the internet the “ever eat a cattail” commercial is a close example of the ad. Euell wrote the book Stalking The Good Life and became known as a naturalist and cited as leading the way for eating healthy with natural foods. He was known for saying”Its naturally sweet taste reminds me of wild hickory nuts,” he often said of the Grape Nuts.

I remember Johnny Carson and other shows making fun of him and the commercials but the spoofs on Carol Burnett Show in 1973 were the most memorable. Even the children’s TV show The Electric Company got into the act with this spoof.

General Foods voluntarily withdrew the ad campaign and its advertising agency Benton & Bowles faced action from the Federal Trade Commission in 1976.

Author: Steve

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