7 thoughts on “The Jackie Gleason Show

  1. Ditto, Tom. Dad and I loved it, and I had a particular fondness for Crazy Guggenheim. I was only 6 at the time, and it was in reruns:
    but he struck me so funny (as did Gleason). Evidently they are available on Amazon.

    I don’t know what possessed me to look this up (I was looking for Crazy, aka Frank Fontaine), other than the fact that I turn 67 tomorrow, and everyone I have known in my life is dying off. I hope it’s not a sign…

    1. Same here brother, I used to watch Jackie Gleason when my parents put it on in the 60s and Crazy Guggenheim was one of the highlights. I’ve been listening to old Gunsmoke episodes on the radio and online, as well as Our Miss Brooks, Duffy’s Tavern, Johnny Dollar, Dragnet and a few other old shows for the past two years,

  2. I vaguely remember watching the show with my parents during its final years (1968-70). I was a very little boy then but I remember that The Honeymooners skits had musical numbers in them.

  3. One Halloween I went “begging” for candy as kids do. It was Jackie Gleason night, and virtually EVERY house we stopped at had him on the TV! It was awesome, as we always watched it and loved it! I remember my dad laughing his butt off!!

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