Search For Tomorrow

How many of you remember soap operas with organ music played throughout the episode to set the mood? The organ was used in soap operas all the way to the 70’s and it took a musician strike for them to actually stop using the organ!

Search for Tomorrow was a soap opera that ran on CBS from 1951 through 1968 as a fifteen-minute show sponsored by Proctor and Gamble. In 1968 the show went to thirty minutes. It was then picked up NBC in 1982 until it’s final episode in 1986. The show was actually performed live from the start until 1967 in favor of recorded telecasts. If you look at this clip from 1962 you can see it looks like theatrical stage acting as opposed to TV acting. Its fun watching the old dial-up telephone in use

The show was set in a town called Henderson but they never revealed the state. The main characters Mary Stuart and Larry Haines. At the time it was the longest-running soap opera at 35 years and was canceled due to low ratings.

At one point you were able to watch reruns during the late 80’s on USA Network and then on America Online video service in 2006. Who knew AOL had a video service?

I remember watching this with my grandmother in the 80’s. I use to watch General Hospital but preferred to share time with grandmother. We would get our lunch after I cleaned her house and sit and watch her soaps. Such sweet memories and a way to connect with her!

Oh, and what about the commercial for Dash? I was able to find it available for purchase only from an Italian website:

Organ music was still used in this 1962 soap opera.

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