Send In The Clowns

Send in the Clowns is by far the most popular video on with 5.6 million views as of 3/10/2016.  Such a classic video with all the great actors and actresses like Milton Berle, Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, Jerry Lewis, and Jackie Gleason to name just a few.  An all time favorite of many to be sure. 

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96 thoughts on “Send In The Clowns

      1. Oh we have the clowns on TV now. There just not funny. They are called “politicians”.
        This short clip brought back a lot of wonderful memories for me.

      2. Didn’t see red Skelton.. definitely another legend. I was born too late. I spent a whole day in the Red Skelton museum watching clips and listening to radio shows. Where did simple but elegant comedy like this go?

        BTW if in Vincennes, IN this museum is a don’t miss

    1. If ONLY they were all still here. But where is clown Bob HOPE?
      Missed his name and image….he did so much for soldiers serving our country.
      Sinatra’s version of this wonderful song is perfect.

  1. Can you please send me a copy of “Send in the Clowns” that I can copy. The file I have received has the script in a horizontal line and only the last letter opens another file which I cannot copy.

  2. Frank was great he was the best singer America had i loved all those clowns ,thank you paolo for sending it to me

  3. wonderful, heartwarming, funny, tender…another era. yes, where are they now? when will
    they come back? we need them.


  5. Brought back so many memories with laughter involved. Loved this and the memories brought tears as I remembered all of the laughter, I had watching them.
    We really need “these” clowns instead of the ones that propose to be clowns.

  6. Brought back great memories and laughs. I am sorry we can no longer enjoy this type of humor because of Political Correctness, truly sad.

  7. They were all great, and never, ever, used foul language to make a joke, to make us laugh. The true comedians of our day. Could watch them for hours and hours, and never get tired of laughing with them.

  8. Beautiful song, wonderful singer, the best actually! Why can’t there be upcoming comics to take the place of oh so many now past instead of so many thinking that their routines which have a sexual base are funny? Nothing like slapstick to bring a belly laugh and an all-good feeling…to smile to laugh what a great medicine that we so need in these troubled times. Oh yes bring in the clowns, bring us back to common ground and respect for each other…bring back love and take away the hate. Thank you for putting this together…we need more good memories of those who gave us laughter and made us forget all troubles for just a little while.

  9. At age 75, this presentation bring tears to my eyes. Where have those joyful days gone. How sad it is to lose them. Does this generation even realize that it takes this kind of social entertainment to make us realize the importance of funny. How sad it will be that I will knowingly be leaving this earth with such a dramatic downhill change. God Bless Us All.

    1. Amen Ed, Amen. How blessed we all were then and we did not know it. How empty we all are now. I write this message with tears in my eyes. I deeply miss them all. Rosemary.

  10. Wonderful.. I loved all the clowns…they were the best… Great memories… “The Voice”, Sinatra. there will never be another….

  11. Wish we still had some of these around today to brighten our day a little. Sometimes a little laughter is better than all the medicine in the world. Far to much violence , hatred and destruction.

  12. True entertainment! I hope, I wish, that we could have this again, Sadly, more likely never to return. People take themselves too seriously, and have forgotten how to laugh at ourselves.

  13. We have lost our real entertainers and “clowns” we have forgotten how to Laugh and embrace joy. Our society is filled with opinionated self centered bafoons. There is no sense of humor, everyone has such “sensibilities that are so fragile”. God still has a sense of humor, look int the mirror and smile and you will see.

  14. How they are really immortal ! Our thanks belong to you for such a fun.
    All these lovely things are precious treasure of “good oldies”.
    Do not let them down ever

  15. you all seem to forget that Steven Sondheim wrote that song for a woman to sing……….. Although Sinatra was great, there should have been a woman singing that song. Audra Mcdonald for instance. Lois Satalof

  16. i’m 81 and listening to the greatest singer ever and seeing all those wonderful actors clowning about like long-lost friends was difficult to watch – the tears were just streaming for an era that will never return.

    they didn’t curse and swear to get laughs like today’s young, would-be comedians who don’t do much to make anyone laugh.

    i don’t mind admitting i bubbled all the way through it so now i’d better go and dry my face before anyone thinks i’m just a silly old woman. they may well be right but this silly old woman experienced the best and most-loved artistes of stage, screen, radio and TV and feels very very privileged to have done so.

  17. Now this is music as I remember it to be. No screaming, yelling or making noise. It’s simply lovely and soothing music that I love. Where are the Clowns today. They are all gone except for a few like Tony Bennett. And he will soon be gone also. It was wonderful to live in this era with such great & lovely music. “Where are the Clowns”?

  18. I sure miss all of these entertainers. It gave you a break from the craziness of life. At times they also gave you a reality check.
    May they Rest In Peace.

  19. Besides being so funny and sentimental, it was pleasant to see humour that doesn’t denigrate any color, religion, political party, etc. Only a particular age to which I belong. Where have all the funny people gone? Afraid of saying the wrong thing and offending the wrong people??

  20. Good grief….. we certainly have had some great, talented individuals entertaining us… thanks for sharing.

  21. I was born in 1936 and knew all of these actor’s and actresses via the MOVIES and TELEVISION. Ed Sullivan introduced many of them on his Sunday TV show. Sadly, our quality of humor has changed, and the love of this country has changed with it. – and not for the better! I have sent this to every friend that I have on my computer, as we still have the memories of a youth that loved everything – American – and still do!

  22. I just heard this song the other day. What fond memories it brought. My relatives & some friends were clowns back in the 80’s & 90’s! We stayed at a Campground seasonally. They put on many shows there. The entire campground loved them.

    Unfortunately, my sound system on the computer isn’t working. So, I missed the song. But, I remember it well!

    Thanks for bringing back such great memories. Where are they now?

  23. What we really need to see and hear during these trying times…….Frank’s beautiful voice, all the funny clowns and Orsen Wells very wonderful message at the end. Thank you!

  24. These memories are the best!!! We truly need the beautiful voice of Frank, the laughter of the clown and Orson Wells.

  25. Frank Sinatra absolutely beautiful performance.
    Unfortunate injection of Well’s (subtle ?) political garbage.

  26. Sinatra was one of a kind and a comedian was a comedian. i bet everyone who’s old enough who sees this video knows each comedian

  27. Been trying to watch this – Pity it won’t run more than a few seconds before freezing. might try again in a day or two.

  28. Too bad all kids today are on I-fones 20 hrs a day. If they were around 40 yrs ago they would have missed all these wonderful people including the great Francis Albert. I’m so glad I was around to see and laugh at all of them. Heaven is giggling these days !!!!!

  29. This “P.C.” world is now bereft of humor. What a pity ! When you cannot laugh at yourself, you are truely lost.

  30. Clowns give laughter and love. ” with little left for themselves” .. So please do a second sequence with Dean Martin’s ” that’ s amore” cause there is so many more… The Rickles… Pryor… Candie.. Martin… Mason..Charlie Callas. Etc etc Merci xxx

  31. wow…what a thrill to see and hear those fabulous entertainers…I’m saving this one after I send it to others.
    Sinatra never had a greater than then me….hooray for memories.

  32. Absolutely wonderful! Yes, I had to get the tissue box and not going to apologize for my comment. Times have changed and we desperately need to bring back these wonderful times, kindness and love. We have transgressed into a world of turmoil and hate. This has to stop right now! Frank brought out the very best in all of us and his voice brought peace. We need peace.
    Thank you for allowing me to express myself.

  33. One of my favorites coming from that era and getting teary-eyed and will be listening forever for this song.

  34. Wonderful memories. We need to bring back the clowns to help our world have more laughs and get rid of the awful stuff on TV and the movies.

  35. How fortunate we are to be able to see this and remember all those wonderful, talented artists, and for some of us, to have lived through their time. Thank you so much for sharing this, Bert. I will share with some folks I know will really enjoy it Best, Maddie

  36. Whoa! Watching all these wonderful entertainers just made me realize my age. I watched them all, most in B&W TV. I would sneak out from my homework time to catch their programs, at least until my parents would spot me and direct me back to my bedroom. Ah, the old days. And all have been replaced by a real clown, a really bad clown, called Trump. One can either cry or laugh at the man who is slowly destroying this country.

  37. The clowns! Ah, what a refreshing video. This could’ve been two hours long and I’d still want more.
    Maybe next year? I’d love to think so. We have two of them, bush leaguers who are vying for the top spot in November.

    But neither of those are the clowns I want. Le sigh

  38. How lucky we were to have enjoyed the best entertainers ever!
    The comedians were funny and the dancers and singers had true
    talent without need for artificial enhancements.

  39. Oh the tears. I went to school with Chris Burnett so got to meet Carol. She was so wonderful to us girls. So happy she is still with us. I have DVDs of all of her shows. She incredible people and talent. They are all so terribly missed.


  41. What a wonderful treat to see all these”clowns”. This brought back so many fun memories. Where are today’s clowns? We need them to come forward to bring laughter back to television!

  42. I wish you had not shown the responses of those who just could not keep politics out of such a true piece of real talent. Shame on them!

  43. Jim Heidenway says:
    Oh! Those were the days! I was born in 1941 and my sister was born in 1936. I can’t WAIT to send it to her, she and I were raised on that stuff. I’ll be forwarding this to as many senior friends as I have left. Unfortunately the list is too quickly getting smaller.

  44. Forwarded to me by a Barbershopper who knows great singing. Yes, I remember all these great entertainers. Glad I lived through that era. Comedy today is foul language and sarcasm. Thanks to the retrofits for making beautiful memories live again!

  45. Gone are the days when TALENT was highlighted and not flashing lights and background screaming hoopla that drives me to turn whatever or whoever, off.

  46. Touching retrospective – I watched most of these clowns as a child with my delighted parents.
    Astonishing update – Biden calling Trump a “clown” in his painful perversion of lighthearted, self
    effacing play……..

  47. If we thought they enriched our quality of life when they were making us smile, laugh at ourselves and our leaders with NO VULGAR language and simple lines I can only imagine how much they are NEEDED today. This view is from an 80+ year old male.

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